Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Here Where Hearts Are Humming

I say, I gave myself away
I never saw myself
I was lost
the silent
the nature child
I was the natural explorer
the garden dreamer
the flowers friend
the dogs companion
the one 
who was the one by a tree, a lake
and I loved creeks and ponds,
forests and birds
a sweeter sound was never heard.
Now I sit with the chimes and I am delighted
when my heart just hums with them.
Now, here, near the almost silent trembling
so simple, so graceful,
never imagined or barely seen
a soft breeze of life eases through me.

I see the chimes vibrate and tremble.
as the soothing deep and low tones 
are whispering
yes we know the humming is nourishing. 

In another hour, or another day
they may shimmer in sunlight,
bringing pure delight to witness like
the gentle calming of a babe in arms.
Here unbelievably,
my visible trembling ceases to be.
Here. Here In My Heart, I feel Safety.



  1. Finding your Self...Safe...You've been bringing your Self Home all these years...Such courage, such vigilance, such generosity, such tenacity and now Letting Go to Home ...to Safety...You are very beautiful Bee!!!

  2. Thank you Stuart,
    Being present, is a moment by moment thing and being in the vicinity of deeply tuned resonating chimes is most uplifting in the moments-by moments, as it is the breeze of Mother Nature and the vibration from the plants beside the chimes, and the presence of Spirit all around.
    One season there was a tiny hummingbird who sat up close on the small branch beside, and I was often watching from my window.
    Life is filled with simple blessings. I welcome all simple blessings.
    Love to you, Bee xo