Friday, July 30, 2021

Looking Through To Kindness

In the presence of silence
I come to hear
the harmonious hum of maidenhair
so my mothers life passes by
as my grandmothers ferns
grow green and free
and all around me
I feel 
the courage and strength
the stretching times
when humility was there to see,
when quiet patience and blessed grace
led them through what they did face,
and in those times
along the way,
I was playing in grassy fields
gathering flowers to present
my love in simple ways,
and all the time
they kept the pace 
with hearts of hope and lights of faith.
So here today,
my soul it leans to the other side
to bless strong women
who led the way
by examples shown
to lift our days
with continual care
they embraced and shared
 their gentle hearts of kindness.
Blessed Be
'the golden-hearts' of generosity
 This is the 3rd message
which has come
 from the maidenhair fern, 
the pastel pink carnation and mauve hyacinths.
My Love is with you 
 Blessings and Peace


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