Monday, January 4, 2021

She Knows The Story

I sit with you, you sit with me:


This is the story

known to my lifetime friend

the one, from beginning to end,

Miss Maiden-hair Fern.


Now, all I know is:

I receive gifts,


sometimes even without my questions.

But three weeks ago I asked -


What does the Maidenhair Fern tell me?


And then yesterday,

another small bird flew into the window.


And the day afterwards, today

I heard The Ones say,

in a calm announcement

as I lay asleep -


"You are more able to know these things

than you will ever know"

So, as I go into this New Year

with 'the doors of perception'

always open to Divine guidance,

I may retrieve through the black veins,

the wiry stems, that support

the lush unfolding round, green leaves,

the beauty to believe

we all do know the story within.


This is part 1, and it has begun.

Here now in the present, January 4, 2021


Come with me.

You, may also listen within,

to a plant that has often been,


through endless years of memories.

The affinity stays with you.

It may be a native plant in your wilderness

or be home garden grown or potted,

or growing abundantly, last century,

in granny's glass-roof-atrium.

Ask for it to come with you

in these unfolding healing times. 







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