Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Betty and Two Happy Tails

Paul calls me Betty,

you call me Bee,

I call the cows to visit me

beside the fence on this summer day

but they stay

under the Red Gum Tree,

and one 'girl' only turns around 

and watches me:

for a long, long time - - -

I call



Bobby and I were walking

along a dirt track, 

in brown snake land near Bell Springs.

I wore my Akubra

and Old Bob came with his favourite

part to start - - - -

His Happy Tail.

So later in the day,

when his tail tells a weary story

I give him a lift on my hip.


Back home again.

And, just now - - - -

Oh joy! A happy surprise!

On the brick window-sill,

under my little lemon tree,

a tiny Spinifex-hopping-mouse

climbed up to the glass to visit me - - - - -

I am so delighted

as they are tiny, native creatures

and I have only ever seen this sweet one

from time to time, feeding on grass seeds.


And so, from the wonderfully still cows

resting in the long dry grass,

to a super-fast, hopping mouse,

face to face through the window glass.

I am indeed, feeling most happy. 


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