Monday, July 8, 2019


Be quiet
the silent scream
said to me
they do not know 
they do not see
so just get through this very day
and hope it all goes away.

But as you know
there is no flow
when all we feel 
is smothered with an unreal smile,
is sinking us all the while,
is swamping our self-esteem
and building rooms to keep us safe
so where we live is the only place
to hide away
to shy away
to be the one who weaves the web
to hold the nest above threats
to greet the company calling in
who are never looking at the host
just the kettle and the cake,
a passing pit-stop for their sake.

Decades later
now I see, how neatly
I held all the trauma
as if I was an empty book
and no one saw
how I looked 
or ever stayed to turn the page.

I gave myself away
I gave my space 
I gave my heart
I  rarely ever got past start
before the finishing line declined
and I was taken away by
the faster runner,
the sweet-talker,
the stalker,
the walking trail into the woods
the breadcrumbs eaten by the birds
the silent screams never heard.

I have no choice.
I have no say.
My choices are taken away.

Here today I always say
how I feel
as illusions all have fallen by
the wayside as I travel through
with all my heart,
my peaceful mind following You
as I walk behind Love
with the light and golden sky
as all above is shining high........

'I am not a body I am free.
I am as God created me.' *

* Quote is one of the key principles in the lesson Workbook, Volume 2, of A Course In Miracles by The Foundation for Inner Peace.

These 3 volumes in one book contain the life lessons of spiritual psychotherapy to change our old perceptions and then truly find Love and Peace in this lifetime as you choose to be lifted by your own higher Spirit.

May I also say dear friends, how much I have healed through Deep Soul Connection over the years with these beautiful souls in Glastonbury, UK, who do live healing work with Chung Fu, Old Chinese guidance and deep immersion courses online.

And there are all the books, audio and free podcasts from the wonderful Sounds True Publishing in Colorado, USA. Last week Tami Simon, the Founder of Sounds True,
did a podcast interview about Releasing Inherited Trauma. This is available free on line, also with a download and transcript and there are generations of ancestral patterns from trauma to uncover in our own lives. 

Certainly a very deep and healing process.
Here we now may be enjoying some stillness
and feeling present in this very day.

Blessings, Love and Peace to each of you...
Bee xo 

Australian Pink Robin. Photo: Australian Geographic
"Floral Geometry" is a photo of an exquisite card.
Marsha Robinson is the artist and designer in Denver, Colorado, USA
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