Sunday, June 23, 2019

Beauty To Share

The thrill of finding you
after wandering through
the gardens of green in a day of extreme cold.

I spoke to a man with a map in his hand
and still, it was a while
until I saw the path I missed before.

Oh wow!
There you stood as a beautiful sight to see,

a place ahead of me 
reflecting from within, 
protecting from the wind.

I went indoors but it was not warm
and Crown-of-thorns were flowering.
Not what I expected to see
but following me
was the young traveller and he too was pleased
discovering Madagascar
from olden times gone by
a beauty under southern skies.

So on Winter Solstice day,
I said farewell and was led to pass

Madagascar's red Poinsettia tree 
blooming gloriously
Poinsettia, Christmas flower tree
I was walking in Adelaide Botanic Gardens, South Australia

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