Sunday, November 25, 2018

The Passing Of Petals

All that remained
 was the beautiful bud

from the original gift bunch

and the wreath

for the passage of grief.

Ever present beautiful petals for You


  1. This is the fall pattern surrounding those treasured blooms

    I wondered each day
    Which way
    They would pass away

    And then I sprinkled them over Petal
    My sacred cow
    in the lily garden
    And they returned
    With the rain
    To the earth.

    With love from above xx

  2. Beautiful images, and beautiful words -- with such stunning simplicity and vision. '. . . "the wreath for the passage of grief." 'And they returned / with the rain /To the earth. / -- just wonderful.

    1. Oh Philip,

      You always have such a very dear and sincere response and way of looking through to see
      all the simplicity that is there to be, absorbed.
      How precious.

      Thank you for your deeply cherished comments.

      The words came instantly.
      Metaphorically, I was pondering the paradox of choosing to live with a mountain view,
      with the wisdom of mountain sages,
      but yet when I was looking,
      at the peony-petal-fall,
      all I saw was the 'no-man is an island', surrounded by the wreath/ reef/ of grief.

      Ironically, the petals dissolved over the violets and lilies,
      days before the words came to me.
      And Yarrow is growing there too, after the rains, and so now there is the opportunity
      for a herbal cup of tonic tea.

      Blessings and Peace
      Love Bee xo

    2. The yarrow is spring-fresh, but the same plant, that when aged, is used to make the 'yarrow sticks' for divining wisdom from The Sage through The I Ching: The Book Of Changes. One either uses the yarrow sticks or the 3 brass coins.
      One of my favourite Books Of All Time and there are 64 Hexagrams to ponder.

      Blessings to all,
      Love Bee x