Monday, November 5, 2018

If I Were a Bee Or Granny Or Noddy Or Pixie

Poppy and Naomi 

Oh Golly-gee, some want to see
'pics' of all the gnomes with me.
But you must know
that's not for us
we come in spirit,
we come in trust.
We sing our songs,
we beat our drum
we help the Granny to have fun.

We Bungey-jump
that makes us laugh.
You may see us by lucky chance.

Look at light, look at stars,
we are on leaves and not in cars.
It's little Noddy who drives a spin,
and we dear ones
stay 'within' our gnomic lands,
our stage is nothing really grand. 

We dance on earth
we jump from skies,
but our simple life
just implies
that there are times some may see
gnomes like us, waving, gleefully.
But other times, we hide so well
and you would be 'feeling swell'
if you saw us
and then came to see
pixies dancing joyously.

Oh Golly-gee, goodness me,
comments I see come differently.

My intention clear
is to bring Spirit near
and let folk know
to keep their heart and centre true
and have some fun
and play, please do.

But 'pics' for those who want to see,
have not been planned
by Bee......
As I am one who hears the call
and has been told to write for all.
And so if you think visually,
imagine Nature, dressed beautifully.

But above the line of day to day
and stress that slows us all from play.....
There is a gnome who leaps with faith,
and some times
links a car luggage cord
to verandah posts
and without applause......
hangs down free and laughs with glee
bungey-jumping for all to see !!!!!

Picture that, if you may
elves are romping and fairies play
and all who have stretched
a long, long day
need take a break,
then feel more free.
Just look again to catch a glimpse......
and there will be
pixies dancing joyously.

These came to me at 8am Saturday January 7, 2006.
So over 12 years ago
I posted them on my first blog (still there),
called Gnomes Waving Gleefully.

Then at 8.20am this message came to give to you

It has been said and this is true 
"Believe in all, it comes to you".
So do not think you need to see
gnomes waving gleefully.

Just think they are
and know it's true
that unseen worlds
do surround you.
And all above, beside, below
are all around to play and grow.
And life is not all 'solid-slog',
take some time to read my blog.
And message clear I feel I say,
is keep your heart
in peace, and stay
true to love and light.
Enjoy warmth and rainbows bright.
Takes space to rest
and do have fun.
Live your life to share your love
and believe 
in miracles from above.
Children laughing,
sunbeams gliding,
pixies dancing,
joy enhancing.
Noddy driving his yellow car
and gnomes waving from shining stars.

Any rhyme you choose to read
will gently bring you all you need.
So wonder why they fill the sky
with rainbow colours of every hue
and blogs of rhymes that do 'come through'
to show us all
that there is more
than what we know,
and always more, than what we see,
angels floating gracefully.

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