Monday, April 10, 2017

This Rocking Chair

You say you wonder
where you were
and who was she
who sang a lullaby,
who cherished you.

Has the rocking chair
bought deep past in,
those who have left
Bible readings
Policeman's boots
imagine all you will
the story flows
as it will

Space between visits
Yoo-hoo, anyone home.
One by one
they went Home.

They are there
Not in the rocking chair.

I call to the rain
rinse me
I call to the sun
warm me
I call to the trees
shade me
I call to the little bird
sit with me
please sing a little tune
I need to hear a melody
to comfort me

(As it came to me, this is Part 3 of a Gaia revelation in my sleep, middle of the night on April 8, 2017)
It is deeply connected with the Bird Trilogy I wrote in April 2016. See my posts.

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  1. Hello Dear Reader,
    I am currently, for a full three week period, having a very deep connection with Gaia as I participate with other world wide on-line travellers, in The Gaia Program of Transformation with Ian White.
    We are taking Gaia Divine Presence Essence.

    On Day 5, I was woken in the night by words coming to me and I wrote this stream of revelation into my journal beside me.
    I went back to sleep. I had written 6 A4 pages full of verse format, which was to become a huge cleansing gift to the Fire Element later in the day.

    This was a revelation to me, as it symbolizes how I receive very deep soul messages, showing me this entire lifetime of what was sitting in the old chair I brought home with me the week before.
    The chair had history. It originally came from Uncle Wilfie the policeman, who cared for me as a wee baby, through deeply troubling times, which I did not understand.
    The writings were a gift to heal my life ......

    I am a lover of of both designer hand made chairs from Scandanavia, Europe, Australia, and Chinese Peasant stools... I have beautiful chairs in my small home and I sit in all of them.
    No need to wonder why anymore

    Now I can sit in this rocking chair with my dog...
    What a much happier story has unfolded

    Blessings and Peace to us all
    Love Bee x