Wednesday, April 26, 2017

From home to Home Our Story Lasts

From home to Home our story lasts
we always need to cleanse the past
it is not soul work
if you merely say
this present is the only day.
The Truth it shines
across our life
to retrieve your soul
you cannot hide
the only way
is to go back through
and clear old debris from the darkest dark
no healing comes 
if you shut the gate
and say
 I'll start from here today.
That is only a surface job
not the one to take you Home
just a mind game
you wish and hope
will be your way 
to relieve your life
but old souls know
it is not just one
and nothing real is ever done
with your own sweet will.
It is only Real 
if you follow links
to lead you through
to look deeply
to dig and dig and weep and know
you will release
 old ancestral ways
only if you give your day
to knowing
the story
and bringing along
those from the past
whose souls touch you
and only when you all breakthrough
to wanting deep connection,
such is not a simple thing
 that everything must be put down.
It is not simple, it is intense
it is not easy, it is immense
it is more than intention 'I will move on',
it is
 'Show Me The Way'
I walk with you,
show me my story
and we'll all look deep
and call to heal
and look to reveal
and start with the little one,
the parent one
the old grandmothers
the ancient land,
the blessings coming every day
to bring you to this place you know
where starting the way back
is leading the way forward.
Soul retrieval is deep, deep,
immense, intense work

Blessings and Peace
(Sleep Revelation written 1.30am April 24, 2017)

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