Friday, February 10, 2017

The New-Morning-Waltz

The dancing light
it waltzes on greenery
the dancing light
it shines upon all,
this dancing light
it shines on our feelings
and now it is gleaming
on the healing room floor.

This dancing light
it comes through the window
this dancing light
it shines upon all,
our dancing light
it follows The Calling
so there is gleaming u-p-o-n
our twirling room floor.

So dance you do
to your New-Morning-Waltz
and dance you do
to the song of your Soul,
which carries you lightly
and whirls around brightly
bringing new Love to 

So dance good man
and sweet-maiden-Blossom
just dance with joy
in the light of your hearts,
just dance around
let Goodness abound you,
this day brings Hope
for our shining new start.

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