Saturday, February 18, 2017

Receiving Choices

Your life is full
it curls and weaves
and rolls along as you please.
You give yourself to one and all,
you have blocked
mostly stopped, your dream recall. 

But here today with your friend
you wonder if your time will end.

Well time it rises,
ebbs and flows
and truly nobody really knows.

You are Here Now and that is where
you call to you, your deepest Self
and ask what else
there is to know....

Will heaven shine a light for you,
will all you 'see' be coming true?

Well Dear One are you letting go
or deepening all you need to know?
Are there times when you give up
have you sometimes had enough?

This is your time for truth to rise
this is a time for change to come
and this affects the many,
though not all,
as you are leader here
holding Light
the lamp is yours through the night.
The breath is yours,
the heart it beats,
you Dear One are closely held
your life is golden as you know
so this flower brings deep courage
through to you.......
the petals soft will be the landing
which heralds now deep understanding.


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