Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What this autumn leaf told me.....

Some up
some down
some dance around
and all the while
the breeze it blows
and some go upstream
and some go slow,
some just sit on the waterside
as emotions swirl
and leaves just glide
through the water,
carried by the flow
and they go someplace
they do not know…

And others, well
they wait their time
they place themselves about mid-line
and wonder ‘what-ifs’ yet to come,
playing notes,
but rarely strum.
These are the ones
who know there’s more
than easy paths through the woods
and ‘wish I had’
or ‘wish I could’.
Of course we can
choose our own sweet space
and go our way,
at our own pace.
This is real for some
who fear ‘what’s next’,
read the verse,
or read the text,
the manual may have all they need,
but they go their own pace,
no thought of speed.

Now what is this,
I hear you say
as you type this down
as it’s heard today…
Is this about me?
or you,
or all of us, one and all,
there is guidance
from the leaves that fall
down from trees
we hardly see
that colour themselves
with beauty, that’s given free
for all who see…….
And if a sit, came to be,
the leaf from tree
would say, and see
all we ever need to know
to live with love
and surely show
that what is up, is not down
upside-down is all around
and the seed is planted in the ground……

The tree it grows up to the sky
and neither you
or either I,
will think a thing
about the gift
that comes to us with every leaf
that ever landed on our path,
a page from heaven
to send us hope and let us know
we can all cope
with everything that comes our way
we have guidance everyday…

So walk a little slower by
the tree of life
near which you lie,
and there will ever be the breeze
that carries thoughts
down through it’s leaves……
and leaves you
with warm love indeed
as that is your gift
and what you need.

So as you go
and as you are,
look for signs that float to you
to shine the way
and lead you through
whatever thoughts you ponder long
be blessed today
and know you’re strong…..

(Written with a red heart-shaped leaf from the Manchurian Pear tree May 16, 2013)

As this verse came to me, I just kept typing to keep up speed.
Here is a way of using words, that until I read it back to myself, I wonder what I am writing for us, and then I know I have been gifted another treasure. I believe this verse is about:

Ask and you shall receive…..
Let some things fall away,
let them go…
you never noticed anyway…
Have more hope and faith,
be creative
in your own sweet way
and bring your patience
into everyday…

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