Thursday, February 29, 2024

Touch Our Hearts

Yes, yes Dear Ones
there are always ways,
always ways for more
for sharing caring,
being there
bringing kindness,
sharing the goodness of your heart,
saving the environment
with your love
for the Earth
for the trees,
sharing seeds,
planting more seeds,
sharing smiles
food, warmth and shelter,
giving more, more unconditionally,
beautifully lifting all of life
whatever simple way you have
to be present,
to bring your peaceful heart,
to bring your quiet mind
to breath your harmonious ways
into the days for others
to know some kindness
to know someone softly touches their hearts,
moves with the trees in the breeze
as wings fly over and above
there is ever only Love.
Inspired with Jack Kornfield, Sounds True One conversation
Image credit: Lions Roar Buddhist Journal

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