Wednesday, December 7, 2022

In Quietude With You

Sitting here on the earth with you
I am guided through
connection to the mystery
the unknown is a gift
a heavenly lift
a treasure to view
up-close to you.

You see me 
silently listening to you.
You hear me blessing our earth
and calling Love and pure mirth
to sing carols of joy
with prayers of peace
for softness dwells beneath.

So, walk on gently.
Sing your heart songs.
We all long to belong
in peaceful places with beautiful spaces.

Blessings and Joy
for a quiet festive season
with our New Earth rising
with great goodness coming
for one and all
creatures great and small. 
I wrote this Christmas week 2 years ago on December 18, 2020
But my feeling is,
I would like to read it over and over again myself
to calm my inner being in these times on Earth.
Another Goodwill or New Seasons Greetings may arrive
for me to share with you as well.
Time will tell...
The flower is blooming here in the new summer sun, 
December 8, 2022
It is beautifully luminous in the garden -
Lychnis coronaria or Rose campion

My heart is with you all, and I send warm love,
Peace be with you,
Bee xo 


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