Friday, September 16, 2022

Meeting The Shadow

Remember when
you dressed my wounds
and told me then
you would always love
our times together
but that was never
what it seemed
as you were always
And returning
but not really here.
You were bleeding
all over the place
and never facing
what was true,
never being the real you.
Sometimes you still call in
to see
what is going on with me.
Here today is my plea.
Hear me.
Stay a while
and listen
to my heart beat
come in closer
and really meet
What Joy that would be
Defenselessness for me to see,
Generosity to give away
all you value here
and Patience now and for all time,
Faithfulness and an open mind.
If every word was ever heard
Love would sing
and light would bring
a truly wondrous way to be
living with simplicity.

Dear Friends,
I have been transforming trauma and deeply healing Self, 
particularly in past 7 years.
And along the way 
I came to understand what 'comes intuitively',
also 'arrives' to meet the shadow.
I wrote this verse on June 4, 2019,
and I thought, at the time, that it was a Revelation.
It is indeed, a very deep truth speaking to me.
Here is my voice memo, a brief 1.17 minutes of My Reading this verse.
Love and Peace, Bee xo


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  1. An extraordinary, very potent, beautiful and beautifully apt piece Bee...Thank you so much...So much yet to reveal to the light, to be present with and to hold...