Friday, April 15, 2022

Unattended Sorrow

"I went to a place where my son drowned, 
and I stood with a friend.
And later she said, 'Come on. I'll buy you a journal and you can write. '
And I said no. I started crying. I said I couldn't write.
I've never been able to write in a journal before.
And then, at some point last winter,
when he had been dead six months or so, I began to write.
And it became kind of like automatic writing. It just came out."
This is a quote from Anna, 
written by Stephen Levine, in his book "Unattended Sorrow: 
Recovering From Loss and Reviving the Heart."
Rodale Press, USA 2005

Photo taken with the Windflowers at Lambley Nursery,
Ascot, Victoria, March 2023

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