Tuesday, June 1, 2021

To Nourish Your Life

These sweet-heart violets silently sang this song:
To Nourish Your Life: it is all humming in the egg
The review tumbling
Be Still and Know
dehydration, No no no
re-hydration, yes yes yes
Space between, between.
Sunshine and water
Best friends
Knowing and growing
Below the surface, surface
Everything and no-thing
No artificial colourings, additives, or 220 preservative
Eat cashews and pears, brazil nuts, honey, carrots.
Stay home. Grounding on Earth
You 'have it' within.
When you see within:
In the beginning there was you
You are within. You have everything.
Being within
Grow where you are planted.
Be like a tree, wintering the storm.
Finding Joy Within.
As apple trees grow,
you will come to know, the fruit forms

Apples are my friends.
Today you play your song.
Light watering my soul
Becoming Whole.

Turn the light on to find:
Called to see within. In the beginning
I arrived
I survive
I am alive, I thrive
Now, now I know I am never alone.
I am Home, I am Home.
Arrive home, Alive

When all you have is not enough: give it away.
Go within and find your Self
And begin with a candle in your heart.
Light it up, watch your inner flame,
and by that inner light, begin again.
You are always within.
All you are, begins within.
Be still and know
Be still and heal. Be real
This came as I was sleeping 
between 2 and 3 am this morning,
calling me to write on a pad in the dark,
measuring how to fit words, without ever seeing the page.
I have a Power Tank pen 
always with the pad by the pillow,
and so I can write
without moving anything except my hand.
Lucid writing.
Space between the lines.
My sleeping life is surprising!
Some of my friends will know
Life is a wake-up call. Listen to your intuition. 
With love and blessings, 
from Bee and the sweet violets with me,
and the apples presented in the garden of life.


  1. Such a beautiful peice of work. I love search for within. And the inner journey we can take to live a peaceful life x

    1. Blessings and peace to you Alex and I feel happy to know the message is deeply inspiring your inner journey. Love to you, Bee xo