Tuesday, March 9, 2021

The Web of Reciprocity

Today you are smiling in every way
so all my efforts to save your roots
to allow air and sunlight in have been most rewarding.
With great intensity you and me
kept calling strength to see the way
as I focused my action each long day
carefully working with my hands
to shape your crown and more importantly
remove all root invaders, to clear your ground.

Now I am feeling relieved
as we have survived to thrive!
Those weary forty hours of work 
were rewarding in ways
when the long days
of sharing boldness and gratitude
finally, boosted your chances
Red Grevillea, so you are now un-stuck and free
to gloriously nourish more birds and bees.

Red Grevillea - Grevillea speciosa is a beautiful, 
long-flowering australian Native shrub. Sadly this, dear friend,
was lost to wild wind storms and weeks of heaving rains, Winter 2023


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