Wednesday, October 7, 2020

When Will The Willow Be

There is a black shadow in your life and mine.
There is a time before I knew
what to do.
Life is never the same after seeing shadows.
Will you ever take the steps.
Will there be more light in the dark night.

The willow blooms every year.
What will the new spring bring.
Will safety come for the young.

Will the black willow
ever grow to become white.
O silent night
Be still that life.
When I was a child, gathering pussy willow
I would never know,
I would see,
the depth from which it grows
by the wayside.
Some things have no rhyme
they just show up over time.
I never knew the worst, until I was startled 
to be led further around a corner
to what appeared as a dead-end.
And it is a map you hold upside-down,
wrong way round.
The street light shines above the stairs.
Where will you go.
When will the smokey quartz talk.
Will the crystal rose bring you home.
God I am tired.
Please hold the light.
Who watches you
From the lost prince to the hollow king,
the wind is blowing in,
the sand is going out to sea,
where will you be.
There are ruins in the dunes
and yet you continue to
go back to where you were left behind.
Who is coming to save you.
Go back. Wrong way.
One day, maybe, you will step away.
I pray this day.



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