Sunday, April 14, 2019

For One And All

 Thank you for your comment
I am grateful to know
the serenity flows
to you.

This card I found in a gallery,
the geese and
the shepherd lady
called me over,
then I wondered why
there is all grass
but no blue sky.

The edge is right upon her head
and then I wondered
until she said,
'I am walking with the geese
they are content
and so am I
we all know there is a sky.

Just see the scene
and feel serene.'

And I do
May you do too. 

Dear Friends,
this is my 400th post 
Come Blossom Come Fruit.

The photo above is of a card 
and a painting.
It is a beautiful offering
those who
are shepherds in their day
simply leading the way.

The little poem 
is post 397, called The Bridge.
It was written only hours ago
whilst I was looking closely. 

Blessings and Peace
 to all this Easter Week
with love from Bee xx

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