Monday, June 4, 2018

Space Between

Has every song you ever heard
been carried along
with the birds
the breeze
the rustle of leaves
the spiraling 
flight in the wind 
of earliest times

Inspiration comes
from where it is now.
Open up somehow
and through the window
frames a new way
to add contentment
 to each day.

One note at a time
one bar, one verse
across unfolding pages,
one song has been sung
through the ages.

As space
 between the notes,
the bird
 flies to another forest,
the 'song lines'
 cross the land,
some days are best
when less is planned.

Just a heart that knows
there is a flow
when life
 is bringing all you know
to present
 a light refrain
as a gift to uplift again.

Just notice if,
you dim your gift
by choosing
Or practice more
to allow
 peace and stillness in,
to sing
 some joyful notes
as lovely music floats
through you.

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