Thursday, June 29, 2017

Surrender and B r e a t h e

Make a wish
to clear the tension and shame
to gently speak the truth
to reclaim

Put all those burdens down on the ground.
Do not collect baggage.
Let it be wheeled away. Quarantined.
Let it be seen by invisible helpers.
Looked upon.

We all need to do our work,
one day
one year
one lifetime or longer.

It is time to 'talk our walk'
through those dark places
to release the victims and yourself.
Make amends to bring the end.
Begin again.

Do your work
save the children
find the boy and forgive again.

Walk the way with lamp lights,
from posts along your path......

Perhaps you could learn to knit.......

Or will I just 'choose once again'
where and when and then
kindly look at you and see anew.

“And love will come wherever it is asked.
This Vision is your gift”
From “Choose Once Again”
Selections from A Course in Miracles”

(Written June 28, 2017)

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