Thursday, March 16, 2017

Before The Autumn Leaves

I thought I saw
the royal blue sky
a day to die,
leaving from home in perfect time.

My home space was the best outlook,
soon a room
without a view,
certainly shall miss you
as silently I farewell this place,
depart all past and reach for Grace.......

I take nothing with me

I take no thing with me
I will be nothing then
no thing will matter
I will be an empty vessel
less all
I ever loved and nurtured,
I will take the normann vase at best
one winter scarf,
not my bed
but a beanie for my head.

My heart will not come with me

I will 'die'
before I die
I will stay and never leave
I will weep myself to sleep
like I did the night before,
no new outlooks I need explore.

Call me please and I will come
let me leave
and go
before the autumn leaves

Blessings Peace and Beauty, Love Always
(Written March 16, 2017 10.05pm)

1 comment:

  1. Hello Dear Reader,
    Sometimes when I feel deep compassion or emotions around changes in the lives of others, I hesitate about sharing an aspect of their story, so if I post it, and wake up next day and revert to draft, you may wonder if you really saw a certain entry here on my cbcf.
    But life is a garden and we do often share similiar feelings and experiences to all the kindred spirits, animals, plants in a different place and season.
    So I am going to leave this very tender and touching glimpse of emotional pain in the Wisdom years....
    Be gentle, be loving, be kind
    Love Always, Bee