Thursday, April 9, 2015

You Always Gave Him Love

I picked a posy for you in your time of loss.
I gathered the greens and fresh bright leaves
with only a stem or two of blooms to be amongst
this herbal healing bunch.

Your precious brother has passed away
and I feel your grief so just will say
‘take heart my dear friend, you always gave him love’.

All your kindness he did know
as Dear One with the golden heart
you were with him in ‘the transition days’
with your compassion and light
shining bright.

So here for you is Sacred Bamboo
and fresh Ferns from a lovely dell
with the tonic of Lemongrass to lift you up…….
Honeysuckle for the sweet past times,
Pelargonium with the clearest scent
and Rosalina with it’s earthy yin
so you know as your sorrow flows
you are nurtured with love from above.

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