Friday, February 27, 2015

Morning Glory Story......Blooms One Day Then Fades Away

Morning Glory here to tell
an afternoon story from the deepest well.

Well what I know is there within
and where do I
start to begin,
where will this story go
and how long will I be inside
to bring the light to what I hide
from many years of trying to
let only my best side be shining through.

Just looking now
you have crumpled,
wilted and seem to be
passing over if what I see
is symbolic of the vibrancy
gone instantaneously.
So picking you was my mistake
and why did not I
leave you growing on the vine
as passing by you looked divine.
Obviously there will be
a tale to tell as I write,
a way of explaining day and night.

The day was love and shining bright
the night was dark with violent fright.
So yes, I learned to show ‘tough love’
until you left my space
to rent a place
you achieved
your sobriety.

Well ‘life is like that’…….
‘not all roses’
as morning glory dies in posies.

Go out
go in
go where you see
the sun will shine on your leaves,
the blue will glow as new buds grow
Yes, in the next life, I’ll see you
accepting truth and integrity,
each day

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