Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Golden Gifts

Today I see a family of crocus
just being still in the autumn air
with purple translucence shining through
as a welcome to
all who pass the past to bring the new
self-acceptance to each day,
expressing transformation
and blossoming in a true-Self way.

And now we have the divine plan
to live our time with simplicity
and breathe this transforming energy
as the ‘rain lily’ brings
brighter ways to our new days.

Crocus come from nowhere
without any leaves at flowering time
and it seems to me
blooms arise to explore
in a different ground than before.
Leaves came from where and when,
there seems to be a migration
as new lilies rise a little further away
than the previous years display.

Crocus bring the golden gifts,
the anthers graced in bright colour,
the Saffron spice, like no other
hand-picked treasure for the chosen few
who seek change to the positive new.

(Written with flowering Autumn Crocus (Crocus sativus) on April 3, 2014)
 Crocus sativus

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