Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I come down from the mountains

Land-Cress Deva

I come down from the mountains
to stroll in the hills
and watch all the birds
until, until
I decide to walk further
than ever before
I decide to go onwards
and explore, explore.

And as I stepped over
the fields full of clover
I saw in the sunlight
the golden of days,
the rainbow was reaching
right over the haze.
The white light of present
was just everywhere
and my senses were brightened,
my heart was delighted,
so there in the moment,
the moment of now,
I knew that my present
was the time I would vow
to cherish
and nurture
and enjoy as I will
the moment is here
it stays until
the next moment comes
with it’s promise of grace
so again I decide
just to embrace, embrace.

Embrace what is with me
and what comes along,
pray for the wisdom
and strength to be strong.
Pray for the gift
of each moment to share
and look out at ‘wonder’
which is just everywhere.
So here in the moment
in the hills or the plains,
in thunder or wind-storm,
or glorious spring rains.
Yes here in this day
of the many to come,
I will bless myself
and be one of the ones
who goes into the world
with an open heart,
I came this September
to re-start at the start:
To walk my path straight,
or just meander along,
breathing in peace
and breathing in Love
and simply sharing the Oneness
with everyone.

I see a blue wren
has just come to the line,
it’s bopping along,
just twittering
and saying life’s fine….
just go with the flow
in present day time.

(Part 1 written with the first flowering cream Freesia September 8, 2012)

Bluebell Deva
Oh bluebells and violets
and beautiful love,
I feel warmed by heaven
and beautiful love.
The air is expanding
and I’m feeling loved,
oh bluebells and violets
from damp ground come above.

They come in the darkness
of winter’s long days,
they come and we’re heartened
to glance and to gaze.
The softness of flowers,
the strength of the spring,
along comes a flower
so I start to sing.

Oh joy, oh joy,
oh Love from above,
oh bring me the sunshine
and warmth of your Love.
Bring me the beauty
and bring me some sun,
oh joy in my daytime
spring flowerings begun.

Oh joy for the beauty,
oh joy for this day,
oh sing me the sunshine
and let’s all go play.
We’ll play in the green fields,
we’ll play by the stream,
oh joy with the bluebells
and violets supreme.

Oh joy for the blossoms
and joy for the fruit
and love for the season
now that winter has gone,
oh love for the summer
soon breezing along.

But live in the moment
and live everyday
and sing from your heart
like a ringing blue bell
and there in the garden,
the garden of life,
everything’s growing
comes the dawn after night.

So trust in the moment
and trust everyday,
oh joy I am heartened
by violets purple array………
Thank God for this day.

(Part 2 came following along as written on September 8, 2012)


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